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Import Alliance 2010 Pictures

Published on July 20, 2010 By IshbOO

As the title states, Don’t really need to say much. Other than I wish I could have gone to IA 2010 myself. I will most likley be heading down with the teggy next year. These photos are by Dustin from Clarksville, Tennesee. Thanks Dustin, for sharing with the world.

Kouki DC5

Published on March 29, 2009 By IshbOO

Coming out of Mississauga ON, this is KoukiMonster from over at nwp4life forums. Clean RSX here! Lots of tasteful mods.


Published on March 7, 2009 By IshbOO

JDM DC5 ITR garage photo shoot. I thought this was a very nice shoot. The lighting turned out good. I am not sure who shot these pictures or where I found them. I scraped these pictures up from a huge archive of goodies 🙂 well Enjoy 🙂

JDM DC5 Wallpaper added to downloads

Published on December 22, 2008 By IshbOO

Checkout the first JDM download available from www.jdmjunkee.com Its a background of an Acura RSX otherwise known as a Honda Integra DC5. I supported a few resolutions for this wallpaper. and more to come. here is a direct link to the downloads page. www.jdmjunkee.com/downloads.html

JDM DC5 Photoshoot

Published on October 31, 2008 By IshbOO

I am going to start blogging about the JDM Honda Scene here in St. Louis, MO. I am currently shooting with a POS Kodak P850 so bear with the pictures as I will soon get a new camera. I will mostly do Photoshoots and cover rides and other projects being done. Including installs and other […]