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James Evins: Team Senbou Boosted G35

Published on April 19, 2009 By IshbOO

James Evins has released these preview pictures of one of his most recent shoots of this Boosted G35. This has print potential so only what is on his flicker can be seen. Someone please get this car in a Magazine! I haven’t seen much nicer G35s. James has also posted these pictures on the forum. […]

How To: Building an Automotive Rig

Published on February 12, 2009 By IshbOO

How To: Building an Automotive Rig James Evin’s has released a How To: building an automotive rig for your camera! Cheap, done on a budget, gets the job done! An awesome DIY How to in photography! Your next step to get the sweetest pictures. Please join the forum and check this DIY out! get some […]

James Evins Automotive Photography

Published on January 14, 2009 By IshbOO

I would like to take this time and blog about a brilliant photographer. As an addition to the website I’d like to welcome James Evins as a sponsor. He will be supplying pictures to be used on the website as graphics and more, and for the quality of his work, I can’t thank him enough. […]