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John Potts: Rig a lig ding dong

Published on May 12, 2009 By IshbOO

John Potts, Local St. Louis photographer, decided to make a nice rig for automotive photography. I haven’t yet really seen anyone with one around this area yet. It’s really nice to see someone putting out the effort and money to do so. He is an active forum member on STLHondas.com and the JDMJunkee forum. I’m […]

James Evins: Hou*Tex – Sunworks K24 Sedan

Published on May 3, 2009 By IshbOO

James posted up a recent small shoot he did. The owner of this four door civic ferio really showed his love. More pics can be seen at James Evins flicker. Just click any Picture to visit his flicker. Please also be sure to join the JdmJunkee forum

James Evins: Team Senbou Boosted G35

Published on April 19, 2009 By IshbOO

James Evins has released these preview pictures of one of his most recent shoots of this Boosted G35. This has print potential so only what is on his flicker can be seen. Someone please get this car in a Magazine! I haven’t seen much nicer G35s. James has also posted these pictures on the forum. […]

James Evins: Up Coming Features

Published on April 7, 2009 By IshbOO

James Evins has been shooting some amazing cars since he has been in Texas. Getting his work published and featured on websites and magazines. His work is great indeed! These here are some up coming features he has planned. His next feature in S3 Magazine is this amazing Audi TT, owned by a guy named […]

Team Senbou’s Widebody RB25DET FD RX7

Published on March 13, 2009 By IshbOO

James Evins has done it again, Shot this amazing FD RX7. More Pictures and even a Video on the forum = Team Senbou’s Widebody RB25DET powered FD RX7 Here is a mods list: “Engine RB25DET CUSTOM 2ROW INTERCOOLER CUSTOM COOLING FANS CUSTOM RADIATOR CUSTOM DOWNPIPE GREDDY BOV GREDDY FULL TI EXHAUST WALBRO 255 FUEL PUMP […]

Team 5 Star: SI Kid and Dumpt Coupe

Published on February 16, 2009 By IshbOO

Well James Evins had some more fun shooting his Texas friends. This is quoted from James post in the forums. “I was bored, hit up some friends and took some photos. Friend has some XR-S Longchamps, wanted to get some shots… you will not see these wheels very often, they are rare as shit! So […]