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Stanced DC5

Published on April 13, 2011 By IshbOO

This Acura RSX DC5 catches my eye everytime I see it. It must be the orange lol. What do you think of this DC5? Photos by Jessica P. Photography

typeRtony’s JDM ITR

Published on April 22, 2009 By IshbOO

typeRtony from nwp4life forum, has posted up his build log of his JDM fronted ITR. Looks like hes doing some modifcations in progress including Backyard Special DC2 front bumper, and redoing the engine bay! Thought I’d post up this car here are a few pictures of the car as it sits, and a few progress […]

Clean PY ITR

Published on April 3, 2009 By IshbOO

Phoenix Yellow Acura Integra Type R Wowz found these pics on another forum. Clean shots. Clean ITR. I think thats all that needs to be said. This photographer has some really nice shots, be sure to check out his website! Photos taken by Keith Meilink www.meilinkvision.com

Wheres Waldo?

Published on February 14, 2009 By IshbOO

I was browsing the interwebz and came across this. Where is Waldo? I spy with my little eye…. something red!? What is this obviously out numbered species?

FS: JDM DC2 Headlights and Fenders

Published on November 6, 2008 By IshbOO

350$ +Plus Shipping Takes All of it. Up for sale is some JDM DC2 Headlamps with black housing. They have a very clean exterior lense. The passenger side has one scrtatch on the high beam. The Driver side has a small smudge which looks like it may come off with a rubbing or maybe even […]

JDM DC5 Photoshoot

Published on October 31, 2008 By IshbOO

I am going to start blogging about the JDM Honda Scene here in St. Louis, MO. I am currently shooting with a POS Kodak P850 so bear with the pictures as I will soon get a new camera. I will mostly do Photoshoots and cover rides and other projects being done. Including installs and other […]