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Pinks EG Hatch

Published on March 30, 2011 By IshbOO

Pinks EG Hatch, Photos by Jorge Pauker I was reading and came across this hatch. I really love this hatch, its clean and its different! The wheels are crazy, but definitely look sick. You want to have your pictures posted on JDMJunkee.com? Please join us on our flickr group, and submit your work! We are […]


Published on October 28, 2010 By IshbOO

Sweet sil80! Engine RB26DETT w/ RB25DET tranny Turbo‚Äôs Twin TD06 20G w/ 6cm & 8cm housings w/ trust TD06 manifold HKS 60mm wastegate R33 crossmember and using RB25DET Nismo motor mounts HKS twin plate GD Pro clutch (have OS Geiken tripple plate for backup) Tomei 264 intake cams and 272 ex w/ 9.7 lift Tomei […]

JDM Honda EG Civic Hatch

Published on December 25, 2008 By IshbOO

This here is one of my personal favorite EG hatches. I love the JDM wheels he has on here, they are so clean! The mudflaps, wheels, and height make this car sickkkk! Just thought I’d share with all of you.


Published on December 19, 2008 By IshbOO