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Published on April 1, 2012 By IshbOO

Been on the urge to pick up an NSX. Love these cars. This is nothing special but looks clean as hell. Lovin the wheel setup on this NSX. User OyATL on Honda Tech. 1995 Acura NSX with Staggered BBS LMs 18/19.

Pinks EG Hatch

Published on March 30, 2011 By IshbOO

Pinks EG Hatch, Photos by Jorge Pauker I was reading and came across this hatch. I really love this hatch, its clean and its different! The wheels are crazy, but definitely look sick. You want to have your pictures posted on JDMJunkee.com? Please join us on our flickr group, and submit your work! We are […]

Honda Mugen Accord

Published on March 9, 2011 By IshbOO

Honda accord 2.4 I-vtec with full mugen bodykit! Photos taken by Mickael Favre. http://www.jdmjunkee.com

Wekfest 2011 Pictures

Published on February 26, 2011 By IshbOO

Wekfest 2011 in Hawaii. I wasn’t able to make it out there. Maybe next year If I’m lucky. These photos were takin by Brian Lim. @ http://www.blimphotos.com Wish I could have been there to get some of my own pictures. Please post and comment links to your pictures for Wekfest 2011. We all would love […]

S2000 BBS Flushness

Published on November 12, 2010 By IshbOO

S2000 on BBS RS slammed and flush. Definition of stanced. Right here. This car was also featured on Canibeat. Photos by an awsome photographer Sam Dobbins check out more over on his flickr. http://www.jdmjunkee.com

Flush FC

Published on October 21, 2010 By IshbOO

Here is a pretty sweet FC I found surfing the web. Awsome car, I would love to get a chance to drive one of these. All photo credits to Brandon Pool