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Dowstarinc. aka Bolt Boys

Published on January 24, 2011 By IshbOO

Downstarinc. Introduces quality bolt kits to the Honda scene and more. I much would like to get myself some new shiny bolts for the engine bay, or maybe even a Brake booster delete and a stainless clutch line. Take a look at what they have, Im sure you will enjoy. Havent posted in a while, […]

JDM Honda EG Civic Hatch

Published on December 25, 2008 By IshbOO

This here is one of my personal favorite EG hatches. I love the JDM wheels he has on here, they are so clean! The mudflaps, wheels, and height make this car sickkkk! Just thought I’d share with all of you.

Cool JDM Honda Meet at XXX Burger

Published on December 22, 2008 By IshbOO

This is a pretty snazzy JDM Honda meet video I came across. Along with all others from this producer. Check him out at his vimeo.com profile, and you can watch this in HD. sooooo JDM! And please visit this blog for updates and other cool JDM things goin on. I’m gonna have a photo walkthrough […]


Published on December 19, 2008 By IshbOO