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AWOL Short: Driftcember

Published on December 11, 2010 By IshbOO

AWOL Short: Driftcember from AWOL on Vimeo.

JDM Jam/Low-Brain Drifters practice session

Published on April 26, 2009 By IshbOO

A new short clip from JDM Allstars, check it out! Some cool editing. “A group of like minded friends out to seek fun involving odd cars. Here we are introduced to Captain Pimms. He is the most unlikely drifter, but is very good at teaching people. He is a little clumsy, but not behind the […]

Driftslut’s RSW D-Day, New Mexico

Published on March 15, 2009 By IshbOO

Driftslut’s D-Day photos Forum Member Driftslut went to RSW Drift Day March 7th in New Mexico, took third in comp. Congratulations to Driftslut, please visit the forum and give him some props. Sideways Always. Photos by Santiago Romero

Hellaflush in Action

Published on February 25, 2009 By IshbOO

Well I figured this deserved it’s own thread in the forum and it’s own blog post. So here you go. Hellaflush in Action, for those u say function before form. Why not both? These guys have some sick Nissans. Here is there C’s Garage Blog check it. Link right here or also in my blogroll. […]

Ken Gushi – Initial Drift

Published on February 17, 2009 By IshbOO

Was reading some forums, and came across Ken Gushi article, pretty sweet interview they did check it out. “If you’ve been following drifting, you’ve probably heard of him: a young Japanese kid drifting an AE86 Corolla before he was even old enough to have a license. Taught by his father, this rebel upstart would tear […]

Traction Option Drift & Drag 8/3/08

Published on February 5, 2009 By IshbOO

This was on my birthday! And James was there shooting pictures! Seems like they had a good turnout. A few members from DriftSTL also were attending this Drift session 🙂 Also be sure to check out 180sx Club’s blog over on the right blog roll! They are located in UK but pretty sweet rides! Traction […]