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Taste of Tulsa – ep.1

Published on April 28, 2012 By IshbOO

Well got really bored of sitting home and playing Counter-Strike, decided to take a ride in my new to me 350z and see whats up. I’m new to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have not seen much of the car scene yet. I stopped over at Sonic on Memorial and and started snappin a few pictures of […]

Dowstarinc. aka Bolt Boys

Published on January 24, 2011 By IshbOO

Downstarinc. Introduces quality bolt kits to the Honda scene and more. I much would like to get myself some new shiny bolts for the engine bay, or maybe even a Brake booster delete and a stainless clutch line. Take a look at what they have, Im sure you will enjoy. Havent posted in a while, […]

CCW in The Air

Published on July 11, 2010 By IshbOO

These have been out there for some while now. Although I see alot of people posting about these lately. Seems they deserve the extra attention. Might as well post one I like with the CCWheels. My personal favorite from CCW would be the CCW Classic, and this would be my personal favorite car they are […]

The Real McJDM

Published on January 21, 2010 By IshbOO

I’ve admired this car for sometime now. I have seen it online a couple times over the past couple years. So I thought I’d post it up and share. This car is owned by Martin Phillips, from Edinburgh UK Scotland. I personally love how the car has changed over the years, but the state im […]

DC2 with Boost

Published on May 17, 2009 By IshbOO

Saw someone positing in a forum, and the red JDM DC2 is my favorite. Caught my eye. dc2ricky at nwp4life forums. From Des Moines, Iowa.

typeRtony’s JDM ITR

Published on April 22, 2009 By IshbOO

typeRtony from nwp4life forum, has posted up his build log of his JDM fronted ITR. Looks like hes doing some modifcations in progress including Backyard Special DC2 front bumper, and redoing the engine bay! Thought I’d post up this car here are a few pictures of the car as it sits, and a few progress […]